Marketing In Less Than 1000 Words (Reactor15 Briefings) by Rob Burns

This was a quick and clever little read. A nice refresher on some key marketing principles and it’s FREE! (yes free). Marketing in Less than 1000

I love this minimalist approach – and in a similar fashion I’ll keep my favourite quotes nice and short!

4 tips from Marketing in Less than 1000 Words 

(headings = mine, quotes directly from the book)

1. A simple definition of marketing
“What is marketing? It’s the art of finding buyers for products and services at a profit.”

2. Solve your customers problems – better than anyone else
“How? Identify a buying audience with an itch that you can learn to scratch better than anyone else. Simply, solve problems at a profit. The greater the problem you can solve, the greater the potential profit.”

3. Focus on the experience
“Forget you are selling merely a product/service. You are actually marketing an experience. That is, the entire experience of a) learning about the product b) wanting it c) ordering it d) getting it and e) satisfaction in using it.”

4. Be remarkable
“Stand out. There are many products like yours. Create points of differentiation that make you stand out to your customers and make customers want to buy. If you have an established product – find out what customers like most about their experience of your company – this may identify a killer point of differentiation.”

Grab the little book here

Happy reading,

C x

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