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Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes by Katya Andresen

Okay this is another great title, right? I just immediately get an image of ol Robin charging along on his horse about to steal marketing concepts from Coca Cola! Valuable book for any marketers working in the not for profit scene, in particular I like how it’s focused on action and getting shit done (though […]

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The End of Membership As We Know It: Building the Fortune-Flipping, Must-Have Association of the Next Century by Sarah L. Sladek

I currently work at a membership organisation and it’s surprisingly hard to find books around this specific area of marketing.  As an aside: do you know of other membership marketing books? Please post in comments! Thanking you. Anyway, here’s a few of the things I’ll now be looking @ changing as a result of this […]

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