Robin Hood Marketing: Stealing Corporate Savvy to Sell Just Causes by Katya Andresen

Okay this is another great title, right? I just immediately get an image of ol Robin charging along on his horse about to steal marketing concepts from Coca Cola!
Valuable book for any marketers working in the not for profit scene, in particular I like how it’s focused on action and getting shit done (though the author doesn’t use those words of course). It’s not one of those books talking about a complicated strategy or concept where you come away wondering exactly what you’re meant to be doing with your marketing plan this year.

Here’s my top takeaways: 

(headings = mine, all quotes directly from the book)
Accept your customers frame of reference – work with what they know/believe 
“Anything we communicate will get twisted according to the mind it enters. Our ideology is simply not as powerful as our audience’s own mental machinations. As marketers, we have to accept people for who they are and work within the framework they have.”
Research is vital and often common sense 
“Of course!” Good research sometimes seems like common sense, but it’s frequently not so obvious before the research is conducted.
Keep it short 
“The most famous slogan of all time-“Just do it”-is not coincidentally one of the shortest and easiest to absorb.”
Use human interest in stories 
“Put a face on the story. A compelling human-interest angle of any kind is news because journalists are always looking to put a human face on their stories.”
Put down that phone and leave the reporter alone 
“Calling a reporter and leaving three messages on voice mail about a press release sounds desperate. It’s the kiss of death.”
Be first, be narrow in scope
“First is the law of the word. Own a word in the mind of your audience that differentiates your organization from all others. It must be a clear, simple word that no one else owns. Second is the law of focus. The power of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. Identify the one thing you do better than anyone else, and focus your brand on that unique value proposition. “
Happy reading,
C x

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