Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success by Ken Segall

If you’re an apple fan girl (like moi) then (like moi) you devour anything related to their marketing in the hope of becoming theInsanely-Simple300 next Steve Jobs – but without the ‘strong’ personality, crazy fruit diets or getting fired. (BTW if you don’t know about any of these things then read his biography, it’s a goodie).

Silliness aside, I do think Steve Jobs + the marketing apple produced under his watch = genius.

And so, yes. I loved this book.

It’s all about simplicity, apple having it and how you can get it.

Here’s six quotes to get you thinking about simplicity

(all quotes from the book) 

  1. “Given the option, any sane person will choose the simple path over one that’s more complicated.”
  2. “As those who have worked with Apple will attest, the simpler way isn’t always the easiest.”
  3. “They seem to forget that trying to please everyone is a good way to please no one.”
  4. “The basic rule of business on the Internet is no different from the one in real-world stores. The faster and simpler you can make the buying experience, the more business you’ll do.”
  5. “Human beings are a funny lot. Give them one idea and they nod their heads. Give them five and they simply scratch their heads. Or even worse, they forget you mentioned all those ideas in the first place.”
  6. “It should now be considered a basic law of commerce: Simplicity attracts.”

Ready for Apple + simplicity mania? Get it here. 

Happy reading,

C x

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