Always Eat Left Handed: 15 Surprisingly Simple Secrets Of Success by Rohit Bhargava

I must confess the title of this book drew me in! (so gulliable, so easy to market to).left handed

Obviously its more about simple steps to success than about eating – as I soon discovered.

Here’s my three-things-to-go-and-do-now

1. Write it on the back of napkin

One idea I’m absolutely going to test out is writing the idea/concept/campaign on the back of a napkin (though a beer mat might be more fun?). The direct quote is:

“Back of the Napkin is required reading for all my students….  In it, he proposes that the toughest challenges you will face can be simplified and overcome if you just learn how to draw them onto paper (or a white board!).”

Obviously the key here is something small so that you have to really focus. He also mentions using a Sharpie (thick writing) for even tougher constraints!

 2. Tell stories

This is one tip that I never tire of hearing (and hopefully it has sunk in somewhat since it’s in almost every book I read). Rohit advises making it personal. “Stories need real characters, and one of the biggest mistakes that people often make is working hard to remove all traces of humanity from what they produce.” I completely agree with this, cut out the people and you end up with a load of corporate dribble about products/features/compatibility and a load of jargon words.

 3. Rewrite your job description

Being a massive fan of any sort of career advice I dug into this section (if you’re the same then go and read Lean In, I dare you). Rohit offers some sound advice which is…rewrite your job description – obviously more ‘in your mind’ that actually editing that corporate document that your boss signed off on – unless you have her approval of course. And here’s the quote that I think perfectly sums up this section – follow this advice and you will go well:
“A job description isn’t a finish line – it’s a starting line.”

Any staff member that takes initiative and goes beyond their job description is a keeper in my book (unless of course going beyond the job description entitles ‘research’ on Facebook for eight hours a day).

The above three not enough? Then you can read it yourself? Here it is.

Happy reading,

C x

If You Have to Cry, Go Outside: And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You by Kelly Cutrone, Meredith Bryan

Okay I admit it. Before I came across this book I’d never heard of Kelly Cutrone. You too? Well she’s a reasonably famous (been on TV etc) fashion publicist in New York with some pretty ballsy views! if you have to cry

As with a few of my other reads, it’s not entirely marketing based – but it is about women killing it in their careers – in a good way. And I’m always a sucker for a unique career book.

Warning: to those who don’t like spiritual books. She talks a lot about the goddess, the universe etc. so if that isn’t your thing I’d steer clear.

So here are 6 personal branding tips from the ballsy Kelly Cutrone

(headings = me, quotes are the authors) 

1. It’s about the journey baby
“The Wizard of Oz had one thing right: it’s ultimately about the journey and the characters who accompany you on it, not about the destination.”

2. The title of the book is literal. Crying = outside.
When my employees make a mistake, I want them to fix the problem as quickly as possible and move on. The last thing I or any other boss wants to hear is, “Wahhhh, I was just trying to be helpful, wahhhh!” That’s why I officially banished crying to the sidewalk outside.

3. Manage your own brand as well as your companies
“…appoint yourself manager of your own personal brand.”

4. Find yourself an edge 
“Your point of differentiation does not need to be edgy or groundbreaking; it just needs to be different, and it just needs to be you.”

5. Find yourself a specialist edge
“Successful people, and compelling brands, are usually highly specialized. They do one thing, and they do it in a better or more interesting way than everyone else.”

6. And then get consistent
“Good brands are authentic, focused, and consistent.”

Into some ballsy success/life tips? Good! Get to it here > 

Happy reading,

C x