The Ultimate Sales Letter: Attract New Customers. Boost your Sales. by Dan S. Kennedy

I can hear you sniffing disdainfully at this title – who writes letters anymore!? The-Ultimate-Sales-Letter-Kennedy-Dan

Ok, so the concept of a sales letter is pretty outdated, still, much of the advice in this book is still useful for writing in general and writing sales copy more specifically.

And so the tips I’ve pulled out here – I’m going to call writing tips – let’s forget the medium and look at my favourite pieces of advice instead.

Six writing tips from the Ultimate Sales Letter

(quotes directly from the book)

  1. “I built up huge “idea files” — samples of ads, mailings, and sales letters. These are called “swipe files” by pros, and that is exactly what they are used for — to swipe ideas from.”
  2. “You do not need much creativity to write letters; you only need to be adept at recycling and reorganizing ideas, themes, words, and phrases.”
  3. “Write. Don’t worry about writing a letter from start to finish. Just write blocks of copy and stack them up.”
  4. “Avoid perfectionism. In most businesses, for most purposes, you don’t need a perfect sales letter to get good results.”
  5. “Remember, the more you write, the easier it will get.”
  6. “Just about everything you do easily now was once difficult to do.”

You can grab the book here. 

Happy reading,


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