Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead: What Every Business Can Learn from the Most Iconic Band in History by David Meerman Scott, Brian Halligan

Okay I’m a big fan of any book of David Meerman Scott, but I must confess I had no idea of how the Grateful Dead was, nor had I heard any of their music.
If you love marketing + this band then I’m sure this book will be all your Christmas presents wrapped into one. For the rest of us – there’s still plenty of useful marketing lessons.

Six fab quotes from Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead

(headings = mine, quotes = the amazing Mr Scott) 

1. What are you better at? Get unique 
“What are you three times better at than your competitors? What are you three times worse at than your competitors? If the answer is “nothing” to both, you are not unique enough to really break out. And no, you can’t be better than your competition in all dimensions—you need to rethink the dimensions.”

2. Organise the team around the funnel
“Organize your marketing team in this way: You want someone responsible for “getting found” (filling the top of your funnel), someone responsible for “converting” the folks who are getting pulled in, and someone responsible for “analyzing” the numbers and helping you make better decisions.”

3. Speak human 
“Speak like a human in your releases, not like a press release robot. Your marketplace’s mother tongue is human—it speaks press release robot as a second language.”

4. Control is out, crazy fans are in
“Lose control of your marketing messages If you’re to build a base of dedicated fans who will join you on an odyssey of success, you will need to lose control. Let your community define you, rather than trying to dictate what’s said and how about your company.”

5. Use remarkable content 
“You build this following by creating lots of remarkable content that pulls people in—content that’s personal, relevant, and interesting to your followers.”

6. Customers find you online 
“While your marketplace has stopped listening to your ads, they have fundamentally changed the way they learn about new products. They use search engines, blogs, and social media sites.”

Want it? Read it here. If you’re not a Grateful Dead and you haven’t read any of David’s other books then I highly recommend reading them first; my three favs are Newsjacking, The New Rules of PR and Marketing and Real-Time Marketing and PR.
Happy reading,
C x

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