I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59 by Douglas Edwards

This isn’t a marketing manual by any stretch, but an inside look at google from a marketers point of view – I found it imfeelingluckyfascinating.

Douglas Edwards was (as you may have guessed) Google Employee Number 59 and he writes about the growth of the company from only a few marketing/PR staff and no outside agency – to the mammoth beast that it is today. Douglas lasted five and a half years at google and he provides a fly in the wall insight into what the company was like in it’s early days.

Even though the book is more of a life story than a manual – there’s still some lessons to learn! Here’s a few I picked out.

Marketing snippets from Google Employee Number 59

(headings = my comments, all quotes directly from the book)

1. A great idea for a Friday meeting
“TGIF was an all-company affair at which Larry and Sergey recounted the wins of the previous week as we sipped beer and chewed food on skewers.”

2. Make it simple 
“Nonfunctionality is a feature,” he instructed me. “We don’t need to increase page views by adding products.”

3. A nice definition of branding 
“A brand is the sum of all the “touch points” you have with a product or service—your interactions, your impressions, your expectations, your unplanned casual encounters.”

4. Offer some sweet staff benefits 
“Google encased us in a cocoon of essential services—on-site haircuts, on-site car washes, on-site dentist and doctor, free massages, free snacks, free lunch, free dinner, gaming groups, movie nights, wine and beer clubs, tech talks and lectures by globally recognized speakers.”

Get the book here. 

Happy reading,

C x


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