Who Gets Promoted, Who Doesn’t, and Why: 10 Things You’d Better Do If You Want to Get Ahead, by Donald Asher

I’ve said before that I adore these career type books and this one lived up to my hopes. who-gets-promoted

Fulled with loads of great, common sense advice, you’ll read it and then create a new career plan for your dream job! Or at least have a fair idea of how to improve your current work habits and succeed on.

As for my own advice I would say that we too often (me included) blame other people or what happens (projects, too much work etc) for how our career is progressing, this book reminded me there are always things within our control and there are always opportunities to improve.

Seven kick-arse career tips

(all quotes directly from the book)

1. Know what you’re doing
“But before I get to the secrets, let me give you a piece of essential advice that isn’t a secret at all: Do your job, and do it well.”

2. Make it their idea
“The smartest subordinates can walk into their boss’s office and say, “I think we should paint the walls green, the color of money!” and before they leave, they’ll have convinced their boss that the whole thing was the boss’s idea in the first place. More commonly, the boss will take your idea, change it, and begin to formulate a plan to implement it. Do your best to be the instrument of that change.”

3. Keep a brag sheet
“If you or your team or your department achieves a win, you need to go to your computer and—without being observed—log it onto your “brag sheet,” which should be a private memo to yourself.”

4. Keep learning
“Lifelong learning is required for lifelong success.”

5. Forget yourself, it’s about your boss
“Always make your boss look good.”

6. Ask for what you want – you may just get it!
“Here’s my absolute rule for negotiating: Ask for what would make you delighted.”

7. Failing is fine
“Don’t be afraid to fail. Too often we aim for the middle because we don’t want to deal with spectacular success or failure. But we can only stretch ourselves by aiming for things that we don’t know if we can do.”

If you like this type of read, then another good one is Managing Up: 59 Ways to build a career-advancing relationship with your boss. 

Grab the book here. 

Happy reading,


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