Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

I’ll confess: I wasn’t enchanted by this book. enchantment

I didn’t hate it. If I did it would have ended up in my stopped reading Kindle file – because life’s too short to read shite books!

Plus, I don’t fancy blogging about books I hate – it’s really not me – I always think of the poor author stumbling across rapid Amazon reviews and crying themselves to sleep everynight.

So… I’m left in the rather awkward position of being rather neutral and a bit bored with it really. It’s sort of part-self-help, part-marketing a little bit all over the place.

I’d say in summary it’s around persuading and convincing people to your ideas

Here were the few quotes that did jump out at me (note: few)
(headings = mine, quotes = directly from the book) 

On overcoming resistance
“Ask “What if … ?” When you’re making no progress with a person, ask, “What if we were to change this?” Asking a hypothetical question to see if he’d agree if you made changes is a great way to overcome resistance.” 

This. Which I think is a fantastic idea and something universities should consider.
“Second, the U.S. Navy had a problem recruiting young people because moms were against their kids’ enlisting. The Navy hired a marketing firm called Campbell-Ewald to build a Web site called Navy for Moms.”

On leading people (and I’d always respect a manager that does this)
“If there is a single principle that can guide your management style, it is that you should never ask people to do something you wouldn’t do. Nothing will increase your credibility and loyalty better than this. ”

Oh and this – which is essential advice to anyone that has a boss!
“The best way to enchant your boss is to make her look good.”

Want to give being enchanted a whirl? Get it here. 

Happy reading,

C x

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