Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business (New Rules Social Media Series) by Ann Handley, C.C. Chapman

Solid, solid book for anyone wanting a practical overview of content marketing. The how and the why-the-hell-should-I-learn-Content-Rules_3Dthis-new-fangled-social-media-thing are all covered here.

I liked how this was uber practical and actually drilled down into the types of content you could create… stuff like webinars, blogs, podcasts – the pros and cons of each and how to do it basically (read: cheapo).

Can’t say I’m a fan of those other books that are airy-fairy… you know the ones when you finish reading and think: what the hell did I just learn there? Anywho, this isn’t one of them 🙂

Onto my favourite quotes.. drumroll please…

(headings = mine, all quotes directly from the book) 

Content rules
Next time someone in a meeting says ‘content rules’ (with a smug expression on their face) – you can fire back this eloquent response: “Content may rule, but your online content must be the right sort of content: Customer-focused. Authentic. Compelling. Entertaining. Surprising. Valuable. Interesting. In other words, you must earn the attention of people.” (and then finish with: boom)

All companies are publishers
Have you heard that all companies are now media companies? This is what that means: “when we say that businesses are becoming publishers, we’re referring not to the process of putting ink to paper or printing and binding books but to the notion that creating and delivering relevant, valuable information to people will drive new business to you.”

Why traditional advertising is over
“the notion of marketing to your customers by interrupting them repeatedly with advertising or other marketing messages is simply not enough anymore. Creating brand awareness through buying mass media or begging some attention from the newspapers, magazines, or other media that cover your market is selling your brand short. In other words, the rules have changed.”

And then final answer to all of life’s problems (perhaps just the marketing ones). 
“The answer: Tell stories.” (I might add to that, Seth Godin style, tell better stories).

Want more of these fine dangly quotes? Then get the book here. 

Happy reading,

C x

p.s. If you like this one then it’s part of the New Rules Social Media Series so you may want to check those out. Also one of David Meerman Scott’s books is in this series and you should read his books as they are life changing (or at the very least business changing!)

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