I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This: Success Secrets Every Gutsy Girl Should Know by Kate White

Thank you Kate White.Kate-White

Thank you for writing a book that I wished I picked up years and years ago when I first graduated and set about trying to make a go of this ‘career thing’.

I believe your book is essential reading for anyone wanting a career – rather than just a job.

What your book delivers is that knowledge that the basics on how to ‘do your job’ are not enough, you need that extra something, those people skills, the boldness to ask, the willingness to take that idea that wee bit further than anyone else.

I must confess that I hadn’t heard of you before I picked up the book. And I wondered if a niche area like magazine editing would be relevant to a wider profession like marketing?

It was. And I now sit firmly and snugly corrected and in my fan-of-kate-white corner!

As a new manager I loved your section on being a great boss and a devoured the sections on finding the right job – and even better advice on negotiating! I love the idea that you took your accountant in to negotiate – what a ballsy move!

I could go on and on, but I’d rather read again my favourite quotes from the book…

14 pieces of fabulous advice from Kate White (I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This)

1. Be Bold
“From what I’ve seen again and again, success is most often the result of doing the bold extra something that no one else has thought of or dared to try.”

2. Don’t wait for your calling, go out and find it
“If you haven’t found your calling yet, the best thing to do is get your butt off your chair, fill your life with a wide array of unusual experiences, and allow yourself to bump into what will exhilarate you.”

3. Your new job should not = easy
“Your new job should always be a stretch, but not such a stretch that you’re destined to bomb at it.”

4. Job interviews – tell them you want the job
“Come right out and say you want it: ‘It’s been great hearing you talk about the position. I’d love to work here, and I think I could do a terrific job for you.’

5. Become a problem solver
“Fix something that that no one else has ever gotten around to fixing. One of the fascinating aspects about so many workplaces is that there is always something that doesn’t function perfectly or hasn’t been figured out…”

6. Avoid casual
“And just because your workplace supports casual Friday doesn’t mean you have to adhere to it. I never, ever have.”

7. Find a group of advisors
“To me, better than a mentor is a group of advisers, which you can begin to put together early in your career.”

8. Become known as the ideas person
“You need to come up with not just good ideas but bold, brilliant ideas, the kind that these days are called ‘game changers.’

9. Be clear with your team
“Tell people what you want them to do and when you want them to do it by.”

10. Listen carefully
“When people know they’re heard, it helps inspire a fierce devotion.”

11. Address naughtiness immediately
“So here’s what you need to do the very first time naughtiness occurs: ask the person to step someplace private with you and tell him you never want to see that kind of behavior again. If he denies doing it (“I wasn’t rolling my eyes”), say, “Good, because that kind of action is totally unacceptable.”

12. Arrive early or first
“I’m sure there are plenty of successful women who don’t arrive at work early, but my unscientific opinion is that you significantly increase your chances of success if you do.”

13. Keep stretching
“Here’s an interesting thought to consider: sometimes the best time to leave a job is when you feel happiest. That’s because it could mean you’ve worked your way into a nice comfort zone. And you’ve stopped stretching!”

14. Success is more than a job
“I don’t want to be a successful career person; I want to be a successful person.”

Grab the book on Amazon here (please do, I’m sure you’ll love it)

C x


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