Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Happier Life by Arianna Huffington

I had already seen Arianna’s TED talk before I read her book. So I had a slight hunch that it might feature quite a bit thrive-arianna-huffington-200x300about sleeping! And it does, amongst a host of other wellbeing type topics.

The basic premise of the book is success is more than our careers, it’s our entire lives – our wellbeing.

Arianna has some great tips on building a fulfilling life (and not having a heart attack at age 55 or burning out!). Her mum’s wisdom and quotes feature quite a bit and she was obviously a huge influence on her.

The big wake up call for Arianna (and the starter for the book) was falling and injuring herself – literally from exhaustion! If we can all read this book and absorb just a few of the tips then perhaps we don’t need to reach the same breaking point that she did.

Here’s to working smarter, not harder. And building a successful life – not just a job.

Five tips from Arianna on thriving

(all quotes directly from the book, headings = mine)

1. What does your good life look like?

“‘What is a good life?’ has been a question asked by philosophers going back to the ancient Greeks. But somewhere along the line we abandoned the question and shifted our attention to how much money we can make, how big a house we can buy, and how high we can climb up the career ladder.”

2. Get some more sleep

“Over 30 percent of people in the United States and the United Kingdom are not getting enough sleep.”

3. Change what you talk about and think about

“And whenever I’d complain or was upset about something in my own life, my mother had the same advice: ‘Darling, just change the channel. You are in control of the clicker. Don’t replay the bad, scary movie.'”

4. Learn to meditate

“When you consider all the benefits of meditation—and more are being found every day—it’s not an exaggeration to call meditation a miracle drug.”

5. Remember that a lesson hides within adversity

“When we reexamine what we really want, we realize that everything that happens in our lives—every misfortune, every slight, every loss, and also every joy, every surprise, every happy accident—is a teacher, and life is a giant classroom.”

Grab the book over here.

Happy reading,

C x


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