I’d Rather Be in Charge: A Legendary Business Leader’s Roadmap for Achieving Pride, Power, and Joy at Work by Charlotte Beers

Okay I’m the first to admit that I love a good career, ‘improve yourself’ type book…. so I was surprised to find that I rebelled against this one a little.

Some good general advice and obviously from a woman who knows her shit! For me, it was a little too psychologist-couch style… look into yourself, what did your mother used to tell you, past self, future self that sort of thing. (eek I yelled)

I’m much more of a ‘here’s where I’m at now – let’s go’ kind of girl. (And I would highly recommend Kate White’s book if this sounds like you).

Once I got past the ‘create a self portrait’ stuff I found some really useful advice. From a marketing perspective I also loved that Charlotte’s experience as in the advertising world as this made for some interesting stories about clients and branding strategy.

Here’s six career improving tips from I’d Rather Be in Charge

(I do love that title!)
(headings = mine, quotes directly from the book) Id-Rather-Be-In-Charge

1. Be yourself.
” I want to show you how to lead, inspire, and influence others—maybe only one or two others, maybe hundreds or thousands or even millions. You can’t accomplish this without knowing deeply the authentic you at work.”

2. Learn and play the game (of office politics) 
“It’s not about the work; it’s how I deliver the work.”

3. People count. Relationships count 
“Here’s the bottom line: the person who is very good at relationships is the one who gets to be in charge.”

4. There are three key roles @ work and you’ll flex between them all 
“One moment we dig in and work . . . the follower. The next, we direct and motivate . . . the manager. Sometimes we initiate and persuade . . . the leader. Three: No one is a leader all the time.”

You can grab the book over here as usual on Amazon. 

Happy reading,

C x


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